Prom season is here! Always one of my favorites! I love the ceremonial part of prom. It’s almost like a young woman’s rite of passage in a sense. The first time we dress up in big girl clothes and finally get to go to the ball. Much has changed since my “Cinderella days” but much has stayed the same. Dress fashions come and go, but hair and makeup trends seem to change the fastest. With everyone from Urban Outfitters to David’s Bridal talking about prom fashions this year the hair and makeup trends are going to be just as vast!

We are here to help break through all those trends and find the perfect style to compliment every dress! Below we have detailed a few styles to get you started on your brainstorming.

Bohemian Princess
Braids are still at the top of the hair fashion trends. Exposed braids or hidden braids they add so much depth to the simplest style. For those wanting to still wear their hair down with loose waves or curls, this style adds that little bit more to dress it up for prom and also will keep those pesky front pieces from interfering with those awesome dance moves you’ve been practicing!

hair length: can be recreated on any hair length; chin to waist!
wears well with:
strapless dresses and low neck lines, short or long hem lengths

boho chic

Pretty Girl
For those who still want to show off some length/curls and at the same time have a more secure style this half-up look is perfect. It’s soft & romantic and fun & flirty all at the same time. The style trends currently are soft and flowing, a little bit of height, and waves versus tight curls. The hair should look effortless and almost as if you did it yourself. Fringe for this style can be worn as a full fringe across the forehead or side swept with a loose wave.

hair length: best for shorter to mid length hair
wears well with:
one-shoulder or off the shoulder gowns, high necklines, and spaghetti strap dresses.

Pretty Girl

Flirty Formal
This gorgeously soft up style is perfect for every prom queen! An all up style is great when the weather doesn’t cooperate and when you know it’s going to be a fun night of dancing and you’d rather not be bothered by sweaty hair! I love the dimension of this style; with the looseness of the front there is more than just swept back hair for all of your pictures. The wrapped effect of the back is simple and chic but also leaves everyone questioning, “How was that done?” It has a mystical look to it and even though it is all up it is still whimsical.

hair length: any length! while mid to long give you more to work with in this style, its great because a version can even be done with short hair.
wears well with:
any neckline, plunging back, decorative backs, one shoulder, or off the shoulder.

Flirty Formal2Flirty Formal









Many thanks to the talented special occasion styler, Janeen at our Chagrin Falls Salon for working her magic on our model!

For more inspiration check out our Special Occasion and Upstyle Board
To complete your look don’t forget Makeup and Nails!

Wishing everyone a wonderful prom night.  Please be safe out there!

About the Blogger:
Mia is the Director of Marketing and People Development for John Robert’s Spa. A chameleon of the beauty industry with 17 years of experience, she has worked in and loved every part of it. She shares her industry knowledge at speaking engagements around the country and her passion is building up her team and helping others shine. She aims to find beauty in everything and everyone around her #becauseyourebeautiful!