Crystal Thomas, our Eyelash Extension Specialist, has been named the Featured Lash Stylist of the Month by Xtreme Lashes. Crystal is a tremendous talent, and we’re incredibly proud to see her given wider recognition in the industry.
Xtreme Lashes featured Crystal in a quick interview on their website; check out the excerpt below or click through for the full interview. Congratulations, Crystal!

How did you feel when you got your first paying lash client?
I was so excited. My client bought all of the products I recommended. She rebooked for her two week re-lash and on top of it she left me a 20% tip. She knew that she was my first paying guest. Later that night, she wrote a nice email to my manager telling her what a great service she had with me and that she could really see that I was very passionate about doing lashes.

What was the most memorable lash application and why?
My most memorable application was a client who was just beginning to grow her lashes back after taking medication that caused them to shed. She had some lashes, but they were not very long. I told her that we would start small, and slowly add more as her lashes started to grow. Well after I was done with the first application she opened her eyes and she begin to cry. She was excited and overwhelmed and said she felt so beautiful and that her eyes looked gorgeous again. She has now been a client of mine now for a year and I see her every two weeks. I felt so good knowing that I could change her outlook about herself and give her a new look to hold her head up high.

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