If you’re wondering why you should get involved in helping us meet (and exceed) our Earth Month fundraising goals, the answer is simple: CLEAN WATER CHANGES LIVES! Worldwide, nearly one in every five deaths under the age of five is due to a water-related disease. Thus, in raising money for Aveda’s clean water initiatives, we are investing in the health of children around the globe!

PLUS! 2/3 of the money we raise directly impacts The Ohio Sierra Club, our local clean water partner!

Here’s a quick look at the ways in which Earth Month donations have impacted the world in just SIX short years!

  • 407 community projects fighting toxic water pollution
  • 482 projects helping communities advocate for safe and affordable drinking water
  • 940 communities addressing climate change, which contributes to water shortages
  • 20,000 women engaged in clean water efforts within their communities
  • 42,000 people benefiting from wells and water infastructure
  • 72,000 acres devoted to sustainable agriculture
  • 600,000 lives impacted by water-related projects