• Working behind the chair there was always a guest or two who instead of a haircut would ask me if I could make their hair longer, and my response was always “Someday when I have a magic wand…” I should mention that was my response for any of my guest’s hair woes. Well, Great Lengths® has proven there is a magic wand when it comes to hair wishes. It’s actually ‘the wand’ that is used to attach the keratin bond wefts to your natural hair to transform your length, density, and even color! Poof hair dreams granted.


  • The best part is that extensions are no longer used solely by those who want short hair one day and long the next. They have become so much more than that. They can give you thickness and added volume. They can also extend your short styles and make the “growing out” phase slightly easier to bear. They can be used to add a thicker fringe or even a fun pop of a bright color here and there. With Rainbow hair being all the rage right now you can achieve this effect through the use of extensions and forgo the costly long term effects of lightening your hair and adding in in the bright colors. I always suggest this option to guests who want to try the latest trend in hair color. There’s no risk of fading and when you are ready to jump to the next trend you won’t have to undergo the lengthy or costly color correction experience. It really is a win win. Check out the gorgeous transformation we are obsessed with by Krystal @JR Strongsville below.

The Magic of Great Lengths


  • If you want to know more about Great Lengths® check them out here. They can give you even more insight into the possibilities that exist with extensions, along with all the information about how they obtain the hair they use, and the processes they put the hair through after they receive it. It’s pretty cool, I encourage you to check it out. I guiltily geeked out while reading all of it.


  • Throughout 2016, to give everyone an opportunity to experience Great Lengths® Hair Extensions for themselves, we have a special offer for any existing JR guest or new-to-JR guest who has never tried Great Lengths® before! Try them out and you will get 20% OFF! Get the hair of your dreams! 🙂 Offer good until December 31, 2016.





  • About The Blogger:
    Mia is the Director of Marketing and People Development for John Robert’s Spa. She has been with the company going on 10 years. With 17 years of industry experience there isn’t any part that she doesn’t love. She is striving to find the beauty in everyone and everything around her #becauseyourebeautiful!