We are very excited to announce that we are now carrying Color WOW at all of our JR locations!
The world’s #1 award-winning root concealer.

This fast, easy mineral powder formula

  • Covers gray seamlessly, blonde shades cover dark roots and extend highlights without peroxide
  • No mess, just press!
  • Can also be used to fill in hairlines and cover gaps to create the look of thicker hair
  • Water-resistant formula – you can even swim in it!
  • Never stiff or sticky, looks totally natural
  • No waxes, dyes or parabens
  • Not tested on animals

How to use:

We recommend using the smaller end of the brush for precision.

Apply to dry/styled hair.
To cover roots, start with a small amount of powder. Use free hand to pull hair taut at the root. Dab on visible ]roots, starting from the scalp and working outward. Repeat as necessary until roots disappear and color looks like new.

To extend highlights, use the side edge of the small end of the brush. Use free hand to pull hair taut at the root. Wherever highlights have grown out, apply blonde powder joining it to the existing highlight.

Note: Let it set for a minute and then you can brush. If you put too much on…just blow off with a hair dryer or use the wide end of the brush to dust off.

Check out the demo videos for a visual tutorial.