Our entire team cannot wait to see you + your roots + your cuticles + your brows. 😉

We’ve compiled a run-down of all the things that we’ve done, and will continue to do, to keep health + safety a top priority.



Our Guest Experience is unparalleled. It is our driving force right behind our technical expertise and we would love nothing more than to continue that for you. However, in light of our current world, many of the touchpoints we are used to are simply not possible from a health & safety perspective. We want to mention this first for two reasons: 1. We know this is only temporary. There will be a time in the future when those aspects of our Guest Experience that have been put on hold will be able to make a comeback. 2. We have taken the emphasis that we put on our Guest Experience and shifted the focus to be on ensuring, in our Above and Beyond way, the health & well-being of our guests in and out of the salon. We hope this puts you at ease when it comes to your time with us.

We’ve added days (that’s right 7 days a week!) at all of our locations to give you more access to our professionals and the experiences they provide. We’re observing social distancing, so while there will be fewer people in the salons working, we’ve increased our hours of operation to make up for that. For the time being, your favorite professional may be on a slightly different schedule – so be aware of that as you’re booking. We also have reserved Wednesdays and Fridays 8:30 am-9:30 am for at-risk guests –  those over 60, anyone who is immunocompromised, has underlying conditions, or is pregnant. 


  • – Please arrive as close to the time of your appointment as possible. When you arrive you can head on in for your temperature check and to get checked in. 
  • – No plus-ones. We ask that guests arrive solo for all experiences. This means anyone without an appointment (this includes guests of all ages – adults + children) should temporarily stay safe and stay home at this time. Of course, children with appointments are welcome and may be accompanied by an adult. If the adult would normally have waited in our Experience Area we will need to ask them to wait outside for the duration of the appointment.
  • – We promise we will be grinning ear-to-ear when we see you, you just may not be able to see our smile. Yep, masks. On every single team member.
  • – Guests will also be asked to wear a mask, too.
  • – We’re encouraging everyone to be in tune with how they’re feeling. We will be conducting temperature checks and assessments/waivers to confirm everyone is well — both to come to work and to enjoy experiences.
  • – For the time being, we have put a halt on our in-house beverages.
  • – All magazines have temporarily been removed.
  • – We are asking that guests limit their personal items for experiences to their phones and method of payment only whenever possible.
  • – We’re continuing to observe social distancing in our Experience Area. We have removed all furniture that cannot be wiped down and sanitized regularly.
  • – Product testers have been removed for the time being as well.
  • – We’re certain our team would like nothing more than to give you a welcoming embrace as soon as they lay eyes on you. For now, let’s all agree on air hugs and air handshakes as well.
  • – Likewise, we have suspended all of our value-added offerings of hand & arm massages, mini-facials, makeup touchups, paraffin dips, and rough-dries
There are several experiences we will be unable to offer at this time since they cannot be performed while wearing a mask;
*As we continue to perfect our protocols we will reopen all experiences. Continue to check back to see when your favorite experiences can be booked again!

All Facial Waxing (except for brows)- NOW AVAILABLE ONCE AGAIN
Facials (including Dermaplaning) – NOW AVAILABLE ONCE AGAIN
Acrylic Experiences – NOW AVAILABLE ONCE AGAIN
Spray Tanning
Thai Massage

Steam Shower

Not Recommending Prenatal Massage at this time


  • – Like always, our locations are professionally cleaned. Our cleaning crew is continuing to use a hospital-grade disinfectant all high touch areas like door handles, tabletop surfaces, faucets + more.
  • – Throughout the day, our team will be focused on sanitizing all areas, surfaces, and implements that are guest-facing like door handles, countertops, credit card machines, etc. Hand sanitizer and various personal care products will continue to be abundantly available all throughout our salons.
  • – All professionals will be wearing masks, and/or face shields. Hand washing is the gold standard, but in addition, some professionals may wear gloves, so long as the experience can allow for it.
  • – Don’t be caught off guard if your professional guides you to grab sanitizer or do a thorough hand wash before your experience begins.
  • – All professionals go through required sanitation classes in order to renew their license bi-annually. But, rest assured, our professionals have also completed an additional sanitation class focused on COVID-19 preparedness.
  • – Chairs and stations will be sanitized between every guest visit.
  • – We’ve implemented social distancing by removing chairs and spacing out our hair stations to the max.
  • – Plexiglass partitions will be in place at our nail tables. In addition to implements, all polish bottles will be disinfected between guests.
  • – Our checkout process is going to be a little different, too. Our GuestCare professionals will also be able to assist you from behind some new plexiglass partitions.
  • – We are also going CASHLESS at least for awhile. Please make arrangements to pay via credit card or gift card for the time being. We won’t be able to accept cash or personal checks until further notice.
  • – Gratuity may be included on your credit card transactions as you check out. To cut out the passing of money from person to person we will not be utilizing envelopes.
  • – If you wish to purchase retail during your visit, in most cases, your Professional will walk you to the welcome zone and help collect your products. 
  • – As we’ve mentioned before, if you find yourself not feeling well before an upcoming appointment, please call and let us help you reschedule, no questions asked
  • – We’re encouraging our team to be mindful of how they’re feeling, too. Please be patient with any appointments that may need to be adjusted. We promise we’ll make sure you get the much-anticipated self-care that you deserve.
  • – If you have traveled outside of the state in the past 14 days we will be asking you to reschedule your experiences. 


We’re not sure how long we’ll be operating under these new guidelines — but we’ll do whatever we have to do to make sure we’re back to doing what we do best — enhancing the quality of lives around us.

The well-being of our guests, our team, and their families remains a constant focus for us. Self-care is always a priority in our book — and especially in times like these. Thank you for continuing to place your trust in our JR and in the diligence of our team.

Trust us when we say, we cannot wait to welcome you back home.