A note for our guests….

Effective July 1, 2014, there will be adjustments in some of our service pricing. Check out our Service Menu for more detailed information.

The rising cost of doing business always takes its toll on a company.  We are no exception to that rule.  We wanted to be able to give you ample notice of the impending price adjustments, as well as some options for you to save now and even after July 1st. Below you will find a few of our JR programs for which our guests can take advantage.

The JR Wellness Program

Simply book 6 months worth of spa services and then come in once a month for those services and you pay the discounted rate! Here’s the great news…. This program is not experiencing a price increase so the savings are even greater! For more info on this program click here.



Price after 7/1

Wellness Program Price

30-minute Massage/Facial



60-minute Massage/Facial



90-minute Massage/Facial




Series Services

A discount that we offer year round is the option to purchase a series of a specific service in order to receive a discount for buying them in bulk. Series are usually in sets of 6 or 10 depending on the service and the discount is essentially like getting the last service of the series completely free! We will be honoring our current pricing even after July 1, 2014 on any series purchased prior to that day! This is a way for you to hold on to the current pricing for as long as possible.


Current Series



Before 7/1

After 7/1

Manicure (10)




30-minute Massage/Facial (6)




60-minute Massage/Facial (6)





For more information about our programs or other offers one of our GuestCare Specialists would be happy to hear from you! (216)839-4850