People’s Choice!

We want to hear your opinion! For the next 2 weeks we will be holding a People’s Choice competition for all of Facebook!
Every other year John Robert’s Spa hosts an internal photo shoot competition. This brings out the best and most creative talents of our team members. You already know they can give you the best cut or the perfect color, great nails, and impeccable make-up; but you should see what they can do when there are absolutely no limits set!

Every day 3 new images will appear on our Facebook page. Those images will have 1 week from their post date to obtain the most “comment” votes. After the initial preliminaries have been completed our top winners will again go head to head until we end up with an overall winner!

So, we need your help and the help of all of your friends and even some of their friends too!  Cast your vote by “Commenting” with the letter of the picture you would like to see win! Feel free to share the post with your friends to get even more votes for your favorite! We know its hard to choose, so you can vote for more than one picture if you’d like!

Just wait till you see the immense amount of talent these professionals show! Visit our Facebook page to cast your votes and don’t forget to share your favorites!

We’ll see you in the winners circle!