*As each professional’s career progresses, their experience and education are reflected in their service prices.  Since our prices are determined by the professional you work with, they may vary from the base figures listed below.
Bridal Hair Styling – $100*
Experience includes full style and veil placement.
Up-style – $55*
An up-style is any style in which hot tools and pins are used to style the hair.
Special Occasion Hair Styling: $50*
​This experience includes the use of hot tools to smooth, curl and style the hair. It is ​essentially a down style that does not include hair pinning.

Women’s Blow-Dry Style – $35*

Finish Dry – $25*
This is a blow dry style performed following a color service or spa experience.

Thermal Blow-Dry – $50*

*Thermal style includes 2 processes of heat to smooth the hair, variations in price can depend on length, texture, and time required – please consult with designer
Kid’s Up-Style – $35*
An up-style, using hot tools and pins to style the hair, for children under 13.
Kid’s Blow-Dry Style – $20*

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