*As each professional’s career progresses, their experience and education are reflected in their service prices. Since our prices are determined by the professional you work with, they may vary from the base figures listed below.

​Spa Pedicure – $60

​​During this service, your nails will be trimmed, filed, and buffed. Your ​​​cuticles will be pushed back and trimmed, and any callused areas on your ​​​toes and/or bottoms of your feet will be completely smoothed. Just ​​​before your toes are perfectly polished, you will have the opportunity to ​​​relax and unwind as your professional applies an exfoliating scrub, hot ​​​towel wrap, and massages your leg from the knee down.

​​Express Pedicure – $45

​​For our guests short on time, this is our most basic pedicure. Your ​​​toenails will be trimmed, filed and buffed, and your cuticles will be ​​​pushed back and trimmed. That is followed by a massage from the knee ​​​down and finished with a perfect polish application. This pedicure is great ​​for kids and teens.

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