*​As each professional’s career progresses, their experience and education is ​reflected in their service prices. Since our prices are determined by the ​professional you work with, they may vary from the base figures listed below.

Relaxer* – $100*

​At John Robert’s, our permanent straightening treatment is the Mizani® Butter ​Blend Relaxer. This treatment, which uses cocoa and shea butters for moisture, ​works best on someone with tight curl patterns or someone with little to no hair ​color. To maintain the look over time, touch-ups are required every 6-8 weeks.

*Prior to receiving this service, please refrain from shampooing for 48 hours before your appointment.


As wavy hairstyles have become more popular, so too have perming services. ​Using curl rods, waving lotion, and neutralizer, our professionals can transform ​your hair into beautiful, permanent curls within 2 short hours. While the ​strength of the wave will decrease as time goes on, touch-ups will help maintain ​the look.

Partial Texture Wave – $65*

​​​​A partial perm is suited for someone with short hair. Only part of ​​​​the hair will be wrapped and curled.

Full-Head Texture Wave – $95

​​​A full-head perm; it will result in a full head of curls.

Spiral Texture Wave – $125*

​​​A full-head perm; wrapped in a spiral technique giving the look of long spiral curls through out the hair.


At John Robert’s, we offer the Coppola Keratin Complex® Smoothing Treatment. Best for frizzy, curly, and sensitive hair the Keratin protein can reduce or enhance curl, remove frizz,  strengthen hair, and add shine. Additionally, this treatment will rebuild the hair, making it resistant to humidity.

Keratin Straightening Treatment – $325*

​​​This service will take approximately 3 hours to complete and can ​​​​last between 3-6 months. Best for frizzy, curly hair, the Keratin protein reduces curl, removes frizz, and adds shine.

Keratin Express Blow Out – $150*

​​​​​​While this treatment will achieve results similar to the full Keratin ​​​​treatment, it is not as strong. The service itself will only ​​​​take about 1 hour to complete, and the results will last ​​​​​approximately 6 weeks.

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