Strongsville Road Construction

Strongsville is beautifying its streets and unfortunately for the next few months, it may make trips to our Strongsville location a tad longer. If you are seeking an alternative route we have a few for you! As far as getting around it. We will keep you updated on any changes!

As far as getting around it…

If coming from 71:
   Get off at 82/Royalton Rd. make a left onto Howe Rd.(before Mall) then Right on to Shumer & they can turn right into our parking lot before the Pearl Rd. light.
Alternate From 71
If coming down 82 from Columbia Station direction:
Turn Right on Prospect Rd. (before pearl), Right on Lunn Rd. (at light), Right on Pearl Rd. (light) Left on Shumer (light) left into parking lot.
82 from Columbia Station
If coming down Pearl from Brunswick/Medina area:
Right on Drake (At GetGo Gas Station Light), Left on Howe (Fire Station on right side of light), Left at Shumer (light) Right into our parking lot (before Pearl light)
Off Pearl From Brunswick/Medina