Providing opportunities to have a rewarding career impacting people's lives

The Stacy DiJulius Scholarship was created in adoration of a woman who was creative, loyal, strong, and always positive. Stacy was driven to educate people and share her love and passion for the industry with others. Our mission is to commemorate her spirit by awarding this scholarship to people who show similar attributes.

Stacy encountered more than her fair share of adversity in life. It was during her struggles that she found her talent and gift for hair. Our experiences in life truly make us who we are and it’s because of this that she desired a revolution.

Stacy had a vision of not only changing the male dominated beauty industry but of changing people’s lives. What she wanted most was for people to love and value themselves not only for their outside beauty but for their inside as well. If only one word could be used to describe Stacy it would be compassion. She had a deep awareness of everyone around her and wanted to help them in any way she could. She was selfless in all acts of life and had an overabundance of love for others.

In honor of Stacy this scholarship is designed to assist people who are truly committed to having a long term career in the beauty industry and will be awarded bi-annually. A committee will assess each candidate based on the merits of the Fund criteria:

  • Energy
  • Ambition
  • Professionalism
  • Genuine interest in changing lives
  • Dreams and Goals
  • Selflessness; Willingness to “give more”
  • Philanthropic initiatives and/or sense of community

To be considered, interested parties must complete an application. Members of The Stacy DiJulius Scholarship Fund Board will then select a group of finalists from the application process to interview further. Following the interviews, the board will determine the winner based on results of the application and interview process. Deadline for application is July 1, 2016.

The application may also be mailed to:The Stacy DiJulius Scholarship Fund ATTN: Kathy Cheyfitz 673 F Alpha Drive Cleveland, OH 44143


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If you are interested in donating to the Stacy DiJulius Scholarship Fund, or donating goods or services for the next White Night event, please contact Mary at John Robert’s Spa at 216.839.1430, ext. 3.