Our Mayfield Heights Spa team had the pleasure of pampering 3 very deserving Moms this past Wednesday. We teamed up with Flashes of Hope to pamper some moms who truly deserved some respite from the daily worry about their little ones who are undergoing treatments. The moms were hand picked by the Flashes team as moms who could really benefit from some relaxation.

All of the moms have kids who are currently undergoing or who have recently finished treatments. Flashes of Hope is an organization that “raises funds to accelerate a cure for children’s cancer while honoring the unique life and memories of every child fighting cancer.” Once a month at least 2 JR Team Members join the Flashes family at the hospitals downtown, and perform hair and makeup experiences on the kids and their families in preparation for a professional photo shoot. The pictures taken are given to the families as keepsakes but the actual photo shoot makes the biggest impact and brightens even the darkest of days for the Little Stars.

Flashes Spa Day

Early on Wednesday morning the moms were whisked away by private car service and arrived at John Robert’s Spa- Mayfield Heights to start their full day of pampering. They were greeted with a light breakfast and then enjoyed a Full Body Therapeutic Massage, AVEDA Essential Facial, Spa Manicure and Pedicure, Haircut and style, and a catered lunch. JR Nail Professional Dahlia, commented on her experience saying, “The mom I got to meet lost her husband just 2 years ago, and her daughter (14 years old) has been battling cancer for sometime now. She had just had another surgery. To see this woman’s strength, I was in awe. I enjoyed just getting to be with her today.”  While relaxation from the services is expected, what was surprising was that the moms also enjoyed much needed bonding time with one another throughout the day too. “Having another person who fully understands, first hand, what you are experiencing and how you are feeling, is such a welcomed relief.” says Mary Iacobucci, JR Spa Office Administrator and past Flashes of Hope Mom. So while we are just trying to give them a little escape, they gain even more during their time with us and the other moms.

Flashes Spa Day2

We understand that it is not easy for these moms to leave their children and most have not done so in months, so we strive to make this time away as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible in the shortest amount of time. Once they leave the spa they are headed right back to the bedside of their baby.  Most moms tell us they can’t remember the last time they applied makeup, let alone taken time for a haircut. “Moms are constantly giving, and loving, and taking care of everyone around them and they are the very last to take time for themselves.” says Sandy Hoyt, Director of Artistic Education. “However, they are the ones who need it the most. We are reminded every time we board an airplane, that in the event of an emergency we should secure our own masks firsts and then assist those traveling with us. It’s the same concept in life, but as mother’s we never think of ourselves when our children are sick. This little time away we hope gives these moms some much needed time to focus on themselves.”Flashes Spa Day3

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, really take some time to think about all that mom has sacrificed for you. It’s probably more than most of us even realize. But without her, we wouldn’t be here. So show her some love. Give her a lot of thanks. Because as much as she may have already sacrificed for you, she’d be willing to do even more. Celebrate mom this Mother’s Day! #BecauseMOMisBeautiful

To all of the Mom’s out there… Thank you for all you do each and every day! Happy Mother’s Day! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

About the Blogger:
Mia is the Director of Marketing and People Development for John Robert’s Spa. A chameleon of the beauty industry with 17 years of experience, she has worked in and loved every part of it. She shares her industry knowledge at speaking engagements around the country and her passion is building up her team and helping others shine. She aims to find beauty in everything and everyone around her #becauseyourebeautiful!